A message of thanks to all Springcare staff from Lee Cox

To all Springcare staff,

As I reflect over the past year, I recognise that all of our personal and work lives have changed significantly in so many ways, and the challenges that we have faced have been immense.

Each and every one of you have been at the heart of the response to the pandemic, whether it be front line working in the care homes, or as essential support services.

You have all worked tirelessly to ensure that the residents in our care remain safe and well, comforting them when they were not able to see their loved ones. It has never been more important to provide families with peace of mind as they placed their trust in you.

You have developed inventive ways to keep residents connected with their loved ones and each other.

You have demonstrated remarkable compassion and prioritised our resident’s happiness above your own concerns.

I feel such a sense of pride and gratitude for your dedication and commitment, but above all, your incredible resilience has been quite outstanding.

It’s difficult to put into words my gratitude; I want to thank you all so much for everything that you have done and everything that you continue to do.

You really do put the “extra” into extraordinary people, it really is as simple as that!

Yours sincerely