Our Carbon Footprint

At Springcare we are committed to becoming carbon neutral through various carbon offsetting projects. We have a number of completed and on-going projects to offset our emissions with the aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2035.

Green Energy

At Springcare we have chosen to implement solar panels at our Head Office site as well as at our Homes as they provide a source of green and renewable energy.

We have completed a number of solar panel installations across the group to provide more green energy and savings. Some of our completed sites include:

  • Head Office
  • Hatton Court
  • The Cedars
  • Westwood Hall
  • Hinstock Manor
  • River Meadows
  • Bucklow Manor

Springcare HQ

Further Solar Panel installations at our Homes are being planned for 2022 and onwards. As well as solar panels Springcare has implemented the use of LED lighting; with our Head Office using 100% LED lighting, and 75% of our Homes using 50% LED lighting. We have also installed LED sensor lighting at a number of our Homes.

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At a few of our Homes we have installed Biomass heating systems which use a sustainable fuel source and produces low amounts of carbon. In addition to Biomass heating we have also installed Ground Source Heat Pumps. We currently have further plans for Air & Ground Source Heating to be installed at a number of Homes.

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Business Travel

Green travel
With the use of current technology this allows us to reduce staff travel via the use of virtual meetings. We also encourage our staff to travel via more active & eco friendly methods including walking, cycling, and public transport where possible.

Electric Vehicles

We currently have a number of electric vehicles for use as pool cars at our Head Office site to assist with reducing our carbon emissions through staff travel.

Looking into the future we are also aiming to replace our current fleet with electric models to further reduce our carbon emissions.

To achieve this we have implemented the following:

  • 11 electric vehicles for the Homes Managers and Operations.
  • 1 electric vehicle for the Operations Director.
  • Charging points installed at our Head Office site and Homes.

Recycling & Waste

At Springcare we are always looking to reduce our carbon foot print where possible. We have implemented recycling across our Homes and Head Office site, as well as more eco friendly methods of waste disposal and the use of re-usable products.

At our Head Office site we have now installed recycling bins for plastics, metals, cans and tins. E-Waste is recycled following the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations.

We have also implemented the following across our sites;

  • Collection of used cooking oils.
  • Cardboard & mixed recycling bins at a number of sites
  • Clinical waste bins at each site which are collected and disposed of appropriately.
  • We have rolled out red re-usable laundry bags at our Homes to replace the plastic disposable bags. By implementing re-usable bags we are saving over 1.26 tonnes of polythene annually.
  • Reducing our paper wastage via the use of technology and the implementation of Tablets to access our various systems.

Who we have worked with

To help achieve our goals of becoming carbon neutral we have been working with Jones Electric to provide our Solar Panel installations. We have also been working with RS Renewable Energy  for our Biomass,  Ground and Air source Heating installations.

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  • Biomass

    Biomass boilers use biological matter as a source and using the heat which is output to use in heating systems.
    These can include wood pellets, chips, logs and other biological materials which can be fed automatically, or by hand into the combustion chamber where they are ignited. Springcare uses wood pellet boilers as a fuel source for our Biomass boilers, as this is a renewable source of energy.

  • Solar (PV)

    A Solar photovoltaic system uses panels mounted to the roof of a building which allows the energy from the sun to be captured to generate a source of green electricity to be used at our Homes.

    At Springcare we have chosen a photovoltaic system as it allows us to generate electricity even on duller days and doesn’t require constant sunlight to operate.

  • Ground Source Heating

    Ground Source Heat Pumps provide a renewable heating system which extracts the low temperature energy stored in the ground using buried pipework to compress the energy into a higher temperature.

    Heat pump

    At Springcare we have chosen to install heat pumps just below the ground surface,  this  allows us to capture the warmth and be used as a renewable heat source to run our central heating systems around our Homes.

  • Air Source Heating

    An Air Source Heat Pump captures the air circulating outside and increased the temperature which can provide heat and hot water. At Springcare we have plans to implement Air Source Heat Pumps in the near future to provide more low carbon heating for our Homes.