The Benefits of Residential Care Homes

When faced with the decision of whether a residential care home is the right option for themselves or a loved one, people tend to become daunted by all of the choices they have to make and the considerations that coincide with them. This choice isn’t one that should be made suddenly and time should be taken to weigh up the benefits of residing in a care home and to choose one which will suit the needs of the patient. The following information lays out some of the main benefits of becoming a resident at Springcare and to provide some reassurance of the fantastic care that we provide for our residents and their families.

Safety and Care

The primary benefit of living at a Springcare home, is that we provide a safe environment where people can be supported with a range of health needs from residential care to nursing care. Staff are trained to a high standard to ensure they have the skills and values to support people appropriately.

We have a dedicated Admissions Manager who is there from the initial contact to the Home, supporting people to look round the Home and answer questions that arise. The Admissions Manager will go out to undertake a pre-admission assessment throughout a 7 day period, no matter whether your loved one is at home or in hospital. Gathering as much information as possible helps to inform our care and support package.

The Home Manager will then take over the admission to the Home and work with you to ensure that the transition to residential care is positive and supportive to all.

We are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year so there is always a member of staff on hand to support our people. We are all different as individuals and the same applies to residential care. Some people settle in straight away and others can take time to adjust to living in a setting with more people and unfamiliar faces.

We really value the support of families and work with you to ensure we are getting things right for your loved one. We will ask or feedback at different times throughout the year and welcome all comments and suggestions as a way to review and improve upon what we do.

We offer a full range of activities in our Homes and it is important that we use people’s past interests and hobbies to help people live well into later life. Homes have access to a minibus which promote a sense of community for people that have always been active and engagement in their local community.

Our menu’s reflect seasonal themes and a range of home cooked foods are offered each day. We always have a stock cupboard for alternatives so no-one ever needs to feel hungry.

We strive to offer professional care which takes the stress off families knowing that people are in safe hands.


One of the common problems amongst people who need some form of care is that they can sometimes become lonely if they are unable to leave their home and meet new people. By staying in a residential home, we encourage socialisation and friendships so that people do not need to feel they are alone.


Although being around new people can be very exciting, people who are used to being alone may feel like they need some alone time and privacy at some point in the day.

The private bedrooms offer a tranquil and peaceful setting for residents so that they can relax and have some time away from the communal areas. The residents can decorate their rooms with their own personal items and pictures to make the room more homely and comfortable which makes their stay more personal and less of an adaptation.

Many rooms have lovely views of the gardens and the staff are always available to take the residents outside to sit in the peaceful gardens for some fresh air. When families come to visit they can also have some privacy with their loved one away from other residents, however the staff won’t be too far away if anything is needed during visiting times.

We hope that this information helps make this difficult choice simpler and provided some peace of mind for both residents and their families.

If you’d like more information about our residential care homes, call 01948 661 400 or email