Bucklow Manor visiting pod is in the news!

The visiting pod at Bucklow manor has been a huge hit with residents and families. So much so, it’s even appeared in the local press. Take a look at the article below.

Families are able to visit care home residents in comfort thanks to a custom-built pod. The building has been installed in the car park at the Bucklow Manor Care Home in Chester Road, Knutsford, to enable residents to meet their family safely. The pod is divided across the cen­tre by a transparent screen.

Either side are chairs for family mem­bers md residents, who are able to speak to each by using micro­phones, and the pods are heated. A member of staff accompanies the resident during the 30-minute visit. residents and families mem­bers are required to wear masks and the pods are sanitised after every visit.

“The pod was built for relatives to visit their loved ones here at the home in comfort and in a secure environment,” said activities co­ordinator Julie Roberts. “An inter-com system allows families and residents to speak to each other,  staff have decorated the pod inside and out to bring a touch of the festive spirit to the visits.” The pod visits are by booking only, with two family members per visit and one visit per family per week, to enable all families the chance to visit their loved ones.

Julie added: “We welcomed our first visitors on Monday, Decem­ber 14, and relatives and residents were overjoyed to be able to see a their loved ones in comfortable and secure surroundings after such a long and difficult time.” Julie said: “The visits are half an hour long, and the response to the pod bas been great, with everyone being nice and secure in the warm..”