Calling Dedicated HCAs and RGNs: Why Now Is A Great Time To Work For Springcare

If you’ve been considering entering (or returning to) a career as an HCA or RGN, but put off by the Covid-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. It’s a challenging time for all industries, especially those that involve close contact with residents. The good news is that when you work for a reputable, conscientious employer that makes the wellbeing of its staff and residents its number one priority, the risks are dramatically decreased. In fact, now is a great time to come to work for Springcare, and we’re offering a number of training programmes to equip you with the skills and support you need to stay safe.

With sixteen care homes across Shropshire, Cheshire and the Wirral,  Springcare Ltd has always been renowned for exceptional standards of care and professionalism. We don’t work with agencies, which means all our staff have been carefully handpicked by our friendly managers to ensure that our team is happy and well looked after – just like those in our care. We offer a staff referral scheme, and we really are one big happy family.

Some of the many benefits of joining us during the pandemic are:

  • At least weekly testing for all care staff
    We’re committed to stopping the spread of Covid-19, so unlike many other care providers we ensure that every single member of our frontline staff is tested for the virus at least once a week.
  • PPE relevant to role
    We understand that protecting you and your loved ones is of the utmost importance, so we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure that you’ll always have access to the highest quality PPE while you’re at work.
  • Covid training
    Tackling any challenge starts with understanding it, so we offer a comprehensive training programme to make sure you have all the knowledge and skills you need to spot the signs and symptoms of Covid-19, and stop the spread.
  • Infection control training
    We’re meticulous about ensuring our homes are clean and hygienic at all times, but never more so than these past few months. We will provide you with in depth training and support in infection control, so even when the pandemic is over you’ll know how to stop the spread of other bugs and viruses.
  • Become a covid / PPE champion
    We pride ourselves on having the very best staff who want to make a genuine difference. By becoming a PPE champion you will act as an ambassador for our organisation, working as part of a nationwide team of experts who are joining together to stop the pandemic.
  • RESTORE 2 training
    Knowing how to recognise the signs that a resident is deteriorating in their physical or mental health can make a huge difference to the rest of their lives. We offer RESTORE 2 (Recognising and Escalating Deterioration in Residents) training to ensure that everyone in our care receives the very best treatment and maintains a good quality of life for as long as possible.
  • Well-being resources
    If you look after people it’s important to make sure you take care of yourself, too. We provide a variety of resources and support to ensure that your mind, body and spirit are well looked after, both in and out of the workplace.
  • Free flu jab for care workers
    The Covid pandemic may have made the headlines this year, but that doesn’t mean we should be forgetting about the flu. All our care staff are provided with a free flu jab as standard, to help you stay healthy during the winter months.

To find out more about working with Springcare Limited, contact us today.