How are we doing?

Our Springcare customer promise

With care and nursing homes for older people across Cheshire, Wirral and Shropshire, we are committed to delivering great care that enables people to maintain independence, keep active, and live a fulfilled life.

  • We prioritise people’s safety within our homes
  • You will be involved in the planning of your care so that we can respect your wishes.
  • We are a responsive Company and welcome feedback
  • Our staff teams are well trained professionals and are committed to treating everyone as an individual.
  • We know how important nutrition and hydration is to live well and we will always provide a range of home cooked meals for you to enjoy
  • All of our homes have lovely gardens to allow you to relax and pass the time
  • A sense of community is important to us, why not join us for our trips out or take part in our community -based activities in the Home
  • We try to get everything right first time but we are open, honest and will keep you informed if something is wrong
  • The environment where you live is important, we strive to make it homely, welcoming, clean and a safe place to live.

What quality means to us

It is essential that people that use our services benefit from care, treatment and support that is both safe and of a high-quality.  Our approach to Quality Assurance ensures that services are meeting essential standards of quality and safety, respecting dignity and empowering people to achieve positive outcomes.  We demonstrate this by:


  • Rigorous selection process.
  • Continuous staff training, supervision and appraisal.
  • Creating a culture of support.
  • Open access for support staff to senior management.
  • Whistleblowing and other relevant policies.

People who use our Services

  • Robust safeguarding procedures in place.
  • Positive balance between duty of care and choice.
  • Thorough initial assessment.
  • Ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Creating a sense of home and belonging.
  • Continuous review of changing need.

Our Homes

  • Fully accessible and adapted to meet the needs of the residents.
  • Quality controls to ensure that all areas are clean, tidy and homely.
  • Well-planned nutritious menus every day.
  • Monthly quality assurance visits.
  • Encourage and support the personalisation of bedrooms.
  • Outdoor space to enjoy and relax

We have a dedicated Operations team at Springcare who are responsible for good governance, monitoring standards across all our Homes, policy writing, reviewing complaints and ensuring our services are safe and sustainable.

Our monitoring officers support the Homes each month and review key risks and daily operations in line with regulatory and commissioning requirements.

What others have to say

Getting regular and honest feedback from our customers lets us know how we are doing.

We never sit still for long and we are always thinking of ways to improve the care, the environment, the food, the activities.

We welcome feedback and we gather this through annual surveys, resident and relative meetings, customer experience questionnaires, carehome, and from our regulators.

Our most recent feedback is available in the Homes. We have a ‘You Said We Did’ board to let you know what actions we have taken in response to feedback given to improve the quality of our service.

Our complaints procedure

Springcare aim to ensure that its complaints procedure is well publicised and fairly applied and that complaints are dealt with promptly, efficiently and properly in all cases.

Springcare believes that it is far better to deal with a complaint early, openly and honestly for everyone’s benefit.

Service users or their families/representatives have the right to register a complaint if they are dissatisfied with any aspect of the service we provide.

The vast majority of complaints can be successfully resolved in-house, and, in the first instance should be reported to the care home Manager as soon as possible.

You will receive an acknowledgement within 3 working days, and it is the responsibility of the Manager to investigate the complaint and to report the outcome of that investigation in a written response within 28 days of receipt of the complaint.

In the event of a complaint being unresolved the complainant will be referred to the Operations Management Team or to the Director of the Company.

You also have a right to take the complaint externally:

  • Residents whose care is funded fully or partially by the local council may complain to their local authority.
  • Residents who are in receipt of nursing care may complain to the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) funding their care

If a complaint has not been dealt with satisfactorily by the Manager, Operations Management Team or the Company, then details of the complaint should be made to the Local Government Ombudsman. 

Download our Complaints Notice and Complaints Procedure.


Springcare has robust procedures in place in relation to the protection of those in our care. Our procedures work in line with Council Safeguarding policies and current legislation.  These procedures are embedded with our staff through our ongoing training programmes.

We operate a whistleblowing policy and dedicated secure contact point to ensure that staff should have no fear about reporting any such concerns.

Modern Slavery Policy

Click here to read our Modern Slavery Policy online.