Karen Boden of Hatton Court Care Home wins amazing award!

Karen Boden of Hatton Court Care Home has been recognised as a care home all star in the 2020 Care Home Hospitality & Wellness (CHHW) Allstars program.

Karen has won a £100 gift voucher, and for the home afternoon tea with a variety of specialist tea and cookies. Enabling the home to host its very own afternoon tea and celebrate with the residents.

CHHW Allstars recognises and rewards outstanding catering, cleaning, laundry and lifestyle team members not just for health and care duties, but for quality and superior services within care homes. The program, run by SoupedUp, is an opportunity to say thanks to the hard-working and caring people in the care sector who have gone above and beyond during the global pandemic.

Karen was nominated by manager Tina Lilly for her resilience during a challenging time both personally and professionally. Karen continued to provide support to others whilst facing personal challenges due to the first wave of COVID-19. Although everyone at Hatton Court is recognised for their continued hard work and loyalty there could only be one winner. Karen has since gone on to become the equality and diversity champion, and now helps her colleagues understand the importance of inclusion no matter what personal challenges we all face.

COVID-19 has presented many challenges to staff in care homes however Tina Lilly Home manager gives this advice for others to overcome hard times. “it takes loyalty courage and the passion to help others, even more so during a time where we all miss being able to live our lives freely. It is important to recognise each and every person who contributes to the continued efforts to improve care provision”.

For more information on CHHW Allstars visit: https://www.soupedup.com/allstars/