Dementia Care

We know that living with dementia can be challenging, which means it requires the highest standards of care. Our main focus This approach aims to reduce anxiety and stress and focus on an individual’s personal needs.

Our dementia care homes have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure loved ones are provided with all the support they need to continue to live fulfilling lives. We focus on the person’s individual needs starting from their life history and how they wish to live their day-to-day lives. Whether it’s the job they did, the seaside holidays they took as children or getting married to the love of their life, through our care philosophy and enhanced training, we evoke and unlock those special moments.

Knowing each person allows us to provide the right amount of support and care. We encourage people to be themselves, have a sense of purpose and be part of a warm and friendly community.

Nursing care

Our core services are residential or nursing care. The people that benefit from these services may be those who are not as mobile as they once were or may need help with everyday tasks such as washing and dressing.

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Respite care

We know that sometimes the chance to spend a few days away from caring for a loved one means you can return refreshed and reinvigorated in order to carry on the great work you do.

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