River Meadows Autumn Newsletter

We can’t believe its Autumn once again, long, warm Summer days behind us and preparations for Christmas well underway.

Our activities programme is supporting a number of “interest” groups including The “Gin and Tonic “group, a number of ladies who gather together once a month to sample a different drink and have a more “relaxed” chat. The knit and Natter group have knitted enough squares to make a beautiful blanket and are now embracing the Winter by making knitted scarves to sell. We have also discovered a wonderful gadget called a pompom maker (Thank you Rosie, from housekeeping for the recommendation!) and are currently making a snowball garland for the lounge. Time to listen has proven to be very popular, sharing short pieces of prose and poetry with a theme to spark reminiscence. Pam Ayres poems are just wonderful for that and so funny.

Autumn is a special time for many cultures, Sikh and Hindus celebrate Diwali which is a festival of light. This year the 5 day celebration began on October 30th so our Kitchen Staff prepared a wonderful, taste of India, menu. Accompanied by music performed by Ravi Shankar.

Our treasure basket for October, included many beautiful signs of Autumn, conkers in their prickly cases, acorns, blood red holly berries, crunchy leaves and wispy Willow herb seed heads. So many wonderful memories prompted.

Dini wrote the following poem to share hers;

Autumn sees the gold and ochre of Autumn trees,
Autumn hears the crunch and whoosh of dying leaves,
Autumn tastes home made blackberry pie
Autumn feels the heat of a garden clearance fire,
Autumn smells earthy and hot chocolatey,
Autumn is just wonderful!